In Hollywood, development meetings aren’t anonymous lectures. They’re discussions between experts, all of whom have one goal: to improve the script. We believe that if you want to be a real screenwriter, you better have real development experience. That means talking to a script consultant who is an industry professional with industry standards. Our script consultants will evaluate your work and answer the question: “can this get made?”

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How We Measure Up

There are a lot of script consultants, coverage services, screenwriting contests, coaches, and online courses out there. Not all services are created equal. Some charge you $30 or $40 to pitch an executive for five minutes. Others promise you the most "in-depth notes" for $500 or more. Seems kinda high, right?

It's important to know what you're looking for. Some high profile websites are designed to find high quality scripts, but they aren't so good at making your script better. A site like that might charge $75 for an evaluation, but probably pays their readers less than $50 per script (meaning readers are incentivized to be fast instead of thorough). These readers are also anonymous, so you don't get to ask them questions or have a conversation. In fact, you don't know anything about them, so the best you can do is submit a new draft and try again.

The price for a service like that can add up to $250 or more. If your script is already at a 9 or a 10, congratulations! You don't need us. But if you're not, is that $250 going to get you there?

We feel that $149 for a one-hour video consultation is the best value for money of all the services out there. Try our script consultants out and see!