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What is a Script Consultant? 


If you’re interested in screenwriting, then you’ve probably heard the term script consultant before. A script consultant is someone hired to help turn a writer’s screenplay into the blueprint for an excellent film. The best script consultants also help you identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses as a screenwriter. If you’re ready to take your script to the next level, talk to our script consultants!


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Deep and nuanced understanding of both story mechanics and the commercial marketplace. The notes are consistently insightful, and offer workable solutions to the problems that plague your script.
— Justin Kremer, 3x Black List writer
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In today’s marketplace, your script can’t just be good — it has to be great to sell. So before I send my specs out in the world, I always ask for honest, unbiased notes. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.
— Jason Hellerman, Black List writer
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