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GetMade offers a range of business solutions for entertainment companies. Whether you're a distributor, producer, financier, or foreign sales agent, GetMade's expert consultants and competitive pricing will give your business the edge you need to succeed in an ever-changing entertainment landscape.



DEVELOPMENT, Production, financing, and FOREIGN SALES

There's a lot of material making its way around town these days, from feature films, to pilots, to books, to graphic novels and more. If you have limited time to read, let us step in and help! Our experienced industry professionals know what it takes for a project to stand out, and our coverage is second to none. We can cover the script, the source material, or both.

When you’re looking for projects to bring to the market, you need to appeal to foreign audiences without sacrificing U.S. distribution opportunities. It can be challenging to sift through all the available film packages – but that’s where we can help! GetMade’s consultants have evaluated thousands of projects and will help you pick the right ones.

When financing and developing your project, you need to make sure your investors will see a return. Our experienced professionals can help make sure your project generates maximum international & domestic sales.


Guaranteed 48-hour turnaround. All coverages include a logline, synopsis, and the following analysis:

  • Comprehensive critical evaluation of each project

  • Theatrical viability for the U.S. market

  • Budget projection based on content (extras, locations, night shoots, water, etc.)

  • How foreign buyers will receive the project

  • Theatrical viability for the U.S. market

  • Awards potential and critical reception

  • Our standard two-page script coverage by an industry professional

  • Additional development notes to maximize foreign presales (casting, content, sales agents, and more)

  • Honest evaluation of foreign sales estimates from sales agents

  • How to position your project against comparable films

  • Potential locations, tax incentives, financing structures, and budget viability

  • Comparable films


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