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GetMade offers a range of business solutions for entertainment companies. Whether you're a distributor, producer, financier, or foreign sales agent, GetMade's expert consultants and competitive pricing will give your business the edge you need to succeed in an ever-changing entertainment landscape.



Featured service: DistributION CONSULTING

GetMade provides comprehensive market analysis for distributors around the world. When you hire us to represent you, we’ll send you an evaluation of every available project before each market, and we’ll meet with you to discuss your acquisition strategy. Whenever a new project is announced, we’ll send you coverage within 24 hours. We can also negotiate on your behalf before, during, and after the market.


Our distributor services include the following:

  • Overview of all projects, with availabilities and pricing

  • Scouting, identifying, negotiating, and closing deals for projects

  • Professional coverage of each script

  • Evaluation of theatrical viability for your territory

  • Projection of U.S. theatrical performance

  • Awards potential and critical acclaim for each project

  • Research and negotiation of output deals with major studios and mini-majors

  • Additional market support as needed

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