What is a script consultant?

"What is a script consultant, and do I need one?"

This two part question is most commonly asked by aspiring screenwriters around the world, and no two people will see the answer the same way. Here's our point of view:

Most people can learn how to write a screenplay just fine by themselves. If you have a writers' group and an internet connection, you pretty much have everything you need. In fact, almost every professional screenwriter is self-taught -- they got where they are through a combination of talent and hard work. So no, you don't necessarily need a script consultant.

Pro writer Geoff LaTulippe says here that we are all full of shit. 

And be careful of the types of scams mentioned here.

Sounds weird, right? Almost counterproductive for a site that sells...  checks notes... script consulting? Well, kinda. The truth is that sometimes you don't have access to a writers' group, or a contact in the entertainment industry, or even an internet connection. Sometimes you just feel like you're slaving away at your desk and then throwing your script into the unknown, hoping someone recognizes your talent. A little direction, guidance, and feedback might be what you need.

You might want to know what a real Hollywood executive thinks about your work. You might want to know how your script will be received by production companies & entertainment professionals, and what you're up against in the marketplace. Or you might want to know how close your script is to being pro-ready, and what you have to do to get it there.

If that's what you want, you're in the right place.

You can find those things for free if you live in LA. And if you're already a repped writer, your agent/manager has an army of interns and assistants ready to write coverage on every draft you turn in. If that's the case, you don't need us. Don't get me wrong, we'll gladly accept your money! But you should know what a good script consultant does and does not do.

A good script consultant:

  • Asks you questions about your work: what are you going for, what inspired you, etc.

  • Takes the time to answer your questions

  • Has real, professional, Hollywood experience (is not an assistant or intern)

  • Currently works in the entertainment industry

  • Offers thoughtful suggestions without trying to rewrite your project for you

A good script consultant does not:

  • Promise you a sale, employment, or representation

  • Charge you money to send your script to "industry insiders"

  • Attach themselves as a co-writer or producer to your script

  • Guarantee placement in a particular contest or fellowship

  • Cost an arm and a leg

If you want a script consultant who works in the entertainment industry, knows what they're talking about, and provides constructive, insightful notes, give us a try at the link below.

Evan Littman